Jeff Meade

Jeff Meade joined RWJF in 2002. He brings his extensive experience as a writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and the Web to his work. As a former senior editor for Prevention magazine, Teacher Magazine and Prism (a magazine for engineering educators), Meade tries to apply his skills to the job of explaining complex Foundation policies and programs in an accessible way. “You cannot and should not oversimplify our work,” he says. “But you can communicate clearly and concisely. And you should try to communicate in a way that draws a line between those policies and programs and the people whose lives are affected by them—and, we hope, changed by them.”

Meade’s parallel—albeit volunteer—20-year career as an emergency medical technician in the Philadelphia suburbs and his longstanding interest in emergency medicine tie in neatly with many of the Foundation’s areas of interest, such as nursing and public health.

Before coming to RWJF, Meade was also the news director and features editor at the Webby Award-winning, a consumer health site that empowers users to find solutions for healthier lives. The site provides information from such institutions as the Harvard Medical School, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

An award-winning writer and editor, Meade has held many high-level editorial positions in local newspapers, national magazines, local cable broadcast news and the Web. For most of his career, he has specialized in the fields of health and education

Born in Norwich, N.Y., Meade now lives in Philadelphia with his wife Diane, a reference librarian, and their daughter Sarah. Meade holds a BA in journalism from Temple University.

A lover of all things Irish, he plays the bodhrán (a traditional Celtic frame drum), and is co-editor of a Philadelphia-area website serving the local Irish-American community. Meade is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, the Association of Health Care Journalists, and the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group.