Healthy Food by the Truckload

May 27, 2011, 5:23 PM, Posted by NewPublicHealth


If they bring it, will they buy?

That’s the hope behind, “MoGro,” short for Mobile Grocery, which launched mobile truck delivery of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods by truck this week in Santo Domingo Pueblo, a Native American community in New Mexico. MoGro is the brain child of Richard Schneiders, now retired as CEO of Sysco, Inc., the giant food distribution firm.

The truck uses temperature-controlled trucks to provide access to healthy, affordable food to communities that currently lack access due to physical location and cost. The company cites "elimination of food deserts" as their primary vision.

MoGro is a partnership between the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, food distributor La Montanita, and MoGro LLC. Johns Hopkins will also provide nutrition education and monthly fitness events. For now, deliveries will be twice-weekly to a community center and there are plans to expand the service to other Native American communities in the state.

The truck will have about 200 items to choose from, including fruits, vegetables, beans, baking supplies, meat and dairy products. Free membership entitles MoGro shoppers to food discounts.

Benefits go beyond access to healthier foods. The organizers estimate that shoppers will save over $100 each week, and bringing to the food to the people will save 9,000 car miles driven per community.

Weigh In: Does your community have a novel program for improving access to healthy food?

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF New Public Health blog.