Advancing the role of rapid learning in mainstream health care

The Rapid Learning Project is exploring national strategies to accelerate the pace of learning about best uses of new biomedical technologies, products and treatments. Despite tremendous advances in medical science and technology, too often we don't know which treatments are most effective for improving patient's health. According to project director Lynn Etheredge, "we are developing treatments and technologies faster than we know how to use them." The Rapid Learning Project seeks to create a nationwide system of databases, providing access to millions of patients' clinical experiences. Using this network of medical databases, researchers would be able to access vast amounts of (de-identified) patient data that hold enormous potential for advancing collaborative health policy and clinical research. The Rapid Learning Project aims to take advantage of two trends — (1) the increasing availability of medical data in electronic health records; and (2) the explosion of Web-based computing capacity — to swiftly gather information on new treatments, drugs and medical technologies so physicians can immediately apply the findings in medical practice and better tailor care to individual patients.

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Grant Details

Amount Awarded $747,234.00

Awarded on: 4/5/2010

Time frame: 4/15/2010 - 5/31/2012

Grant Number: 67397


George Washington University

2121 Eye Street, N.W.
Washington, 20052-1001


Sally Coberly
Project Director