Expanding 2006 Binational Health Week

To improve health services, information, resources, health promotion and prevention activities for Latinos

Staff from the University of California, Berkeley, worked to expand the 2006 Binational Health Week, chiefly by helping local volunteer groups to provide more health screenings for underserved populations (mostly immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries) and by convening key officials on health issues.

Held annually during the third week of October since 2004, Binational Health Week seeks to promote sustainable partnerships to address health problems on both sides of the United States-Mexico border.

Key Findings

  • The project team developed and distributed 600 toolkits to volunteer groups across the United States, to guide them in the organization of Binational Health Week and offer instructions on fund-raising, evaluation and media work.

  • The project team set up a website for Binational Health Week. A Spanish version of the site is also available.

  • The Sixth Annual Binational Health Week, which took place October 9–13, 2006, drew the most participants since its inception in 2001.

The project team also produced a 24-page report on the event entitled Binational Health Week 2006: Social Mobilization to Improve the Health of Mexican and Central American Immigrants.