Kids Kicking Cancer

Martial Arts Therapy Curriculum 1.1

The mission of Kids Kicking Cancer is to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Kids Kicking Cancer began in 1999 with a pilot program at Children's Hospital of Michigan. The founder is a father with a first degree black belt in Choi Kwon Do who lost his first child to leukemia. They now see over 2,000 children a year in the Midwest, New York, Florida, California and Ontario, Canada.  Soon they will begin in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia and Rome, Italy. Their goal is to create a replicable template that can be carefully "tossed" (TOSS: Teach, Observe, Standardize, Supervise) to children's hospitals and communities throughout the world linking the children into one Heroes Circle that is support with caring, well trained and motivated professionals and volunteers.