Demonopolizing Medical Knowledge

A successful model of medical education and health care addresses the disconnect between knowledge and practice and makes high-quality treatment available to more patients in diverse geographic areas.

The Issue:

Medical practice has not kept pace with ever-expanding medical knowledge. As a result, many patients receive sub-standard care and die because known evidence-based practices—such as for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease—are not used generally by frontline clinicians except in academic medical centers (AMCs) and major city specialty clinics. Community-based primary care clinicians lack the expertise and support to provide specialized treatment to vulnerable populations, especially in rural areas.

These investigators developed Project ECHO—Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes—as a platform for lifelong medical education and collaborative practice that:

Key Findings

  • Links community care clinicians with specialist care teams at AMCs to manage patients with chronic conditions who require complex care.

  • Connects multiple clinics with specialists via videoconferencing to conduct virtual grand rounds.

  • Expands the technical expertise and medical knowledge of primary clinicians to deliver specialized care in rural or underserved areas.


AMC leaders should seize the opportunity to expand their mission of lifelong learning to include broad knowledge-sharing networks of health care providers and improve our nation’s health.

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